How Electric Fireplaces Work

Imagine the warmth and comfort of a fire without having to cut wood or clean a chimney. Electric fireplaces are an ideal way to enjoy the benefits of a fire without the hassles. Here’s a look at how an electric fireplace works.

How Fireplaces in Calgary Produce Heat

Warmth is one of the main benefits of having a fire in your fireplace. Electric units use metal coils to produce heat. The coils heat up and a fan or blower motor forces the hot air into the room. Because the coils are the only part of electric fireplaces that gets hot, there isn’t a danger of getting burned by the outside of fireplaces in Calgary.

How an Electric Fireplace Produce Flames

Electric fireplaces don’t actually produce flames, of course, because nothing burns. However, they refract light from light bulbs to create realistic-looking flames. When the light is refracted, it looks like a dancing flame.

Whole Units or Inserts

There are many options for fireplaces in Calgary. Electric units come in two broad categories: whole units or inserts. Whole units stand alone and don’t need any special accommodations. Inserts fit inside existing fireplaces so you can use the fireplace without burning wood. Within each category, there are many styles so it’s easy to find something that fits well in any room.

Working with a Fireplace Installation Company

Electric fireplaces are easy to install. Once you choose the fireplace you want, a fireplace installation company can set it up for you. The process often takes minutes, and you can start enjoying the fireplace right away. Because there’s no need to vent to the outside, the fireplace installation company can mount your fireplace nearly anywhere.

An electric fireplace gives you the best of both worlds: you get the beauty and warmth of a fire without the hassles of burning wood.

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