10 Ways to Refresh Your Calgary Fireplace on a Budget

Giving your fireplace a facelift can boost the appearance of your living space and create a whole new feel. If you’re looking for an easy weekend project or a full-scale renovation, check out these ideas for refreshing your fireplace on a budget.

Ten Ways to Refresh Your Fireplace Installation

  • Incorporate colour – Add a bold paint colour around the fireplace to make the area pop.
  • Whitewash – Give your fireplace installation a bright new look by whitewashing the brick.
  • Accentuate with art – The mantel makes an ideal backdrop for art. Try grouping a collection of related prints.
  • Achieve dramatic contrast – A fireplace surrounded by similar colours disappears, but contrast adds interest and drama. Have a fireplace company in Calgary install a stone veneer surround for contrast.
  • Try dimensional panels – Add texture and flair to your fireplace without a mantel or artwork by using a three-dimensional wall treatment.
  • Mix material – Pair flagstone and fir, tile and concrete to create a unique space with a fireplace company in Calgary.
  • Paint the bricks – Paint makes a big visual difference and quickly transforms your fireplace installation.
  • Set the scene – Create an exciting view inside your fireplace by painting a mural.
  • Combine styles – Use different styles and materials to give the fireplace an eclectic feel. Try pairing ornamented wood panels with a metal saloon style gate.
  • Add tile – Statement-making tile takes your fireplace from boring to fabulous. Pair it with a simple, uncluttered mantel.

Fireplace Services from a Fireplace Company

Fireplace services keep your great-looking fireplace in excellent condition. Whether you want to install a fireplace, update your surround, or repair a fireplace, a fireplace company in Calgary provides fireplace services to meet all your needs and help you enjoy the cozy warmth and ambience of a fireplace.

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