Outdoor living products that are right for you.

Outdoor Living Made Easy

TH Fireplaces brings you the latest in outdoor living products for your home or vacation property. TH Fireplaces outdoor living products offer endless possibilities for creating comfortable, stylish, and inviting outdoor spaces. From fire pits to fire tables and torches, you can choose the products that suit your needs and decor. We will help you consider your space, budget, and maintenance needs to ensure that you get the best outdoor living product for your unique space.

The Latest Outdoor Living

TH Fireplaces has the latest in outdoor living products. We have the expertise to guide you to new and unique products that will enhance the look and feel of any space.

Items To Fit Any Budget

A beautiful and inviting outdoor space shouldn't break the bank. TH Fireplaces works along with our suppliers and vendors to get the products you want at the right price.

Parts and Support

TH Fireplace services and supports the products we supply. Our knowledgeable staff helps you avoid unwanted problems and delays. So shop with confidence, knowing we are on your side.

The Outdoor Living Products We Supply

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