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Electric Patio Heaters, What Are The Pros?

Electric patio heaters are an essential part of our outdoor living experience. In Alberta, any respectable outside living space is equipped with heat!

For many, an outdoor living space represents a sizeable investment. Why not enjoy your backyard luxury to the full? The challenge in enjoying an outdoor living space is keeping your guests comfortable when the weather changes. 

While there are many options when it comes to heating your outdoor living space, there’s a lot of good to say about having electric patio heaters.

What makes electric patio heaters stand out from the crowd? Read on to find out.

Electric Patio Heaters are Versatile

Electric patio heaters are so versatile that they’re often a first recommendation for a wide range of outdoor living spaces. Most spaces have differences in landscaping as well as construction around the patio.

You likely have a custom space that fits your landscaping and lifestyle. Therefore, one of the most valuable assets of electric patio heaters is versatility, often required to fit in with existing plans.

For example, unlike many other heating choices, electric heaters don’t need ventilation. This expands your outdoor living space options. If your patio heaters aren’t too close to anything combustible, you can have your space enclosed or not.

Electric patio heaters can also be mounted, purchased in a variety of low-profile sizes, or in options that don’t throw off distracting light. These are the features you’d be looking for if you want to enjoy your outdoor living space without the focus being on your heat sources! 

The reason many people choose electric patio heaters is that they don’t have to sacrifice the look of the space they’ve created. A lot of electric heaters are more discreet than their counterparts, and often require less maintenance as well.

That doesn’t mean you have to go with one or the other! Some choose to start with a fireplace or fire table and later find they enjoy adding electric patio heaters to supplement their outdoor living space during larger temperature drops.

Electric Patio Heaters have Great Heat Coverage

Heat coverage will depend on your outdoor space. If you’re in an outdoor, non-enclosed area, an electric patio heater might be expected to cover around 300 square feet. If you may have an enclosed covered patio area, you can expect up to an impressive 2000 square feet of heat coverage.

One of the advantages with this type of heater is that they are unaffected by moving air. If the weather is particularly breezy, heat from other sources may be spotty or inconsistent. However, electric heat would be unaffected.

If you want to maximize your heating coverage and get the heating possible, take a look at hardwired heaters which are fixed into a specific location. This setup may require a professional installation, but it would offer significantly more heating power than plug-in heaters.

To summarize why many choose electric patio heaters as their outdoor living space heating solution:


  • Safe and easy to use
  • A safer option for smaller outdoor spaces, especially if enclosed
  • Versatile in many outdoor living space situations
  • Sleek designs can help to blend into many outdoor living spaces
  • Efficient, and unaffected by breezy conditions

Where to purchase a quality patio heater?

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