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We Repair and Replace Calgary Chimneys

At TH Fireplaces, we don’t just supply and install gorgeous fireplaces, we also repair, replace, and install chimneys. We carry industry leading brands that provide top-quality venting systems. All of our Calgary chimney systems have been approved for use in Canada and the United States. We sell chimneys and chimney liners in addition to our chimney cleaning services. At TH Fireplaces, we want to ensure that your fireplace and ventilation system are functioning properly and safely. Did you know that regular maintenance could prevent dangerous chimney fires? Contact us before safety becomes an issue. We put our in-depth knowledge to work as we listen attentively to your concerns and identify proven solutions that can fulfill your needs.

Chimney Experts You Can Trust

At TH Fireplaces, we have over 30 years of experience installing and maintaining Calgary chimneys. Not only do we offer exceptional customer service and responsive communication, but we also have a wide selection of chimney products for you to choose from, from the biggest brands and at the best prices. Our skilled professionals take care of chimney cleaning, liner and cap installation, and chimney inspections and repairs. Chimney damage can often go unnoticed, but it can present a serious danger to your home and family. Trust the experts at TH Fireplace to install a fireplace and chimney that is energy efficient and easy to maintain. We’re proud to offer our exceptional services to homeowners in Calgary and Red Deer, and we look forward to working with you!


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