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Why Outdoor Fireplaces and Tempest Torches

Make The Outdoors Enjoyable

Why let the seasons stop you from enjoying the great outdoors when you can stay warm year round?

Classic Ambiance

Let the subtle flicker of torchlight make your family time in the backyard that much more special.

Safety and Warmth Combined

These devices are far less hazardous than normal fire pits and other open flames.

Environmental Efficiency

Generate heat and light simultaneously to optimize your energy consumption.

Calgary’s Best Outdoor Fireplace Brands

There are very few features that do a better job of finishing an outdoor living space than a wood or gas fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces are continuing to grow in popularity as a focal point of backyards and patios. People want an inviting space in their yards to entertain and spend time. The glow of a flame creates a romantic mood and a true sense of the outdoors that normally comes with a camping trip. Those who have experienced the ambiance of an outdoor fireplace or firepit can attest to the warmth, calm, and comfort that a fire provides on a cool night. Entertaining company outdoors has never been so easy or relaxing.

The Fireplace Xtrordinair Tempest Torch is a great outdoor feature for entryways and yards, in restaurants and homes alike. The flame dances and spins inside its enclosure, providing a beautiful feature that will draw the attention of those nearby. Great for outdoor parties, or simply as an additional feature to your yard. The tempest torch is sure to dazzle and impress your guests.

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Create An Inviting Space For Family & Friends

An outdoor fireplace is always a welcome gathering spot for family and friends. It lengthens the hours you can spend outdoors by keeping you warm and taking the chill off some of the cooler nights. Our gas and wood fireplaces provide great heat, while perfectly complementing your décor. TH Fireplaces carries products from many manufacturers that can match any lifestyle and suit any yard. With our vast selection of quality brands, you’ll be sure to find the fireplace you’re looking for.

TH Fireplaces - Outdoor Fireplaces People Love

High Quality Fireplaces

Every fireplace we stock is carefully chosen from the most reliable and well-known brands.

Repairs & Maintenance

Your fireplace is more than an attractive centrepiece - it needs to work! We work to keep yours functional and efficient.

Competitive Pricing

We believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to have the fireplace of your dreams. That’s why we offer the best quality products at affordable prices.

Huge Selection

One fireplace does not fit all homes! We want you to find the perfect fireplace top suit your unique needs and personal sense of style.

Enjoy Being Outside With An Outdoor Fireplace Today

Make your yard or outdoor space a place you love to be. We’ve helped countless companies and private residents of Calgary and Canmore redefine their relationships with their surroundings using Tempest Torches and outdoor fireplaces. In addition to offering comprehensive installation and maintenance services, we can help you choose appropriate designs for any setting.

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