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Why Wood Stoves Are Making a Comeback

High Efficiency

Wood stoves generate intense heat and distribute it evenly using lower quantities of fuel.

Convenient Design

Wood stoves have glass panels that let you enjoy the sight of a roaring flame without the overwhelming smoke or smell.

Ease of Use

You can keep a modern wood stove burning all night long while you sleep.

Sustainable Energy

Wood is an ecologically friendly fuel source, stock up on firewood for winter and you’ll never have to pay for warmth.

Classic & Timeless Wood Stoves

Wood is a very high energy fuel which makes wood stoves an excellent choice for both primary and backup heating. They are especially practical in rooms detached from your home like a garage or shop. Most wood stoves are sealed appliances that take their combustion air from outside the home. In addition, the latest Hybrid technology further increases their efficiency and lowers their emissions.

There are many different styles and sizes of wood stoves that can fit both the needs and style of your room. From more modern steel styles to traditional cast iron designs – a wood stove naturally becomes the focal point of a room. Depending on the materials and construction techniques used by the manufacturer, with proper routine maintenance, some wood stoves can last more than twenty or thirty years!

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We Supply the Top Wood Stove Brands in Calgary and Canmore

Our LOPI STOVE products are backed by their manufacturer’s 34 years of experience and love for beautiful design. They are constantly creating new features, like push-button igniters and easy-to-clean designs. LOPI STOVE is also an established proponent of energy-efficient heating technology, sustainable manufacturing practices, and fireplace quality control. We’re proud to offer their products.

Why You Can Depend on TH Fireplaces for All of Your Wood Stove Needs

High Quality Fireplaces

Every fireplace we stock is carefully chosen from the most reliable and well-known brands.

Repairs & Maintenance

Your fireplace is more than an attractive centrepiece - it needs to work! We work to keep yours functional and efficient.

Competitive Pricing

We believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to have the fireplace of your dreams. That’s why we offer the best quality products at affordable prices.

Huge Selection

One fireplace does not fit all homes! We want you to find the perfect fireplace top suit your unique needs and personal sense of style.

Enjoy A Wood Stove In Your Home

When it comes to wood stoves in Calgary and Canmore area, the biggest favour you can do for yourself is calling TH Fireplaces. We’re industry leaders in design, installation and service, so you can count on us to help you make a selection that fulfills your usage needs now and over the long term.

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