Problem-free wood fireplace installation

Wood-burning appliances are growing in popularity. Appliances such as wood stoves, wood fireplaces and pellet stoves gain in popularity. The need to be educated, and prepared for the extra work that accompanies these types of appliances is very important. So, what are the necessary steps to install a wood-burning appliance in the Calgary Area?

The first step to a headache-free installation starts with scheduling an in-home visit from a respectable fireplace company that holds a 5 Star rating on Google. Having the right advice before you start your project is vital to a successful installation. A good fireplace company should be able to provide you with solid answers to your questions and a thorough explanation of the scope of work and a breakdown of the total cost associated with your project.

At this point in the project, your goal should be to gather as much information about your project as possible. Some questions you may want to as could be:

  • Does my project require a building permit?
  • What type of permitting and certifications does my home insurance supplier require?
  • Who is responsible for the needed permitting and inspections?
  • Are the needed permits and inspection costs included in the quotation?
  • Are the products being supplied by the installer clearly stated in the quotation?
  • Will my fireplace installer provide a W.E.T.T certified inspection?

W.E.T.T certified inspection, why?

W.E.T.T stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer.

A W.E.T.T certified inspection is essential to ensure safe and efficient wood burning fireplace installations every time. Having a W.E.T.T certified technician inspect your fireplace installation is very important to ensure that your wood burning fireplace meets the City’s building codes and standards. Furthermore, many insurance providers require an inspection from a W.E.T.T certified inspector. The majority of problems faced by homeowners installing a wood-burning appliance are generally solved with proper permitting and a W.E.T.T certified inspection.

Pick your wood burning fireplace

Once you’re convinced that all the proper steps are in place, the fun part can begin. Choosing your fireplace!

There are many different types of wood-burning products with almost endless options available on the market. Wood-burning fireplaces come in many different shapes and sizes not to mention colours. Your fireplace installer should have no problem explaining all the features and options available for your application. 

Enjoy your fireplace

Once all the work is done all that’s left to do is to pop a bottle of wine and enjoy your new wood burning fireplace.

TH Fireplaces is here to help!

At TH Fireplaces we have a proven track record of headache-free wood burning fireplace installations. Our expert staff and factory-trained installers will not only install your wood burning fireplace correctly, but they will also provide you with a completed and approved building permit as well as a completed W.E.T.T inspection by a W.E.T.T certified technician.

If you have any questions regarding the maintenance or installation of a wood or gas-burning fireplace, don’t hesitate to contact TH Fireplaces today.

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When contacting companies to install your wood-burning appliance, you should make it clear that you are looking for a W.E.T.T-certified inspection.

TH Fireplaces includes a WETT inspection with the installation of a wood burning appliance.

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