Why Upgrade Your Fireplace For The New Year

Over the years, fireplaces have become a focal point for investment. The returns are high, the style is considered classic and traditional, and they provide a calming and relaxing atmosphere. That is why with 2019 kicking-off, you should look to upgrade your fireplace in your Calgary home.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

Buyers, real estate agents and renters always look kindly on new additions to a home. A fireplace is considered a luxury item in a household and will be seen as a valuable addition. By upgrading to a newer model that works effectively, it will see the value of your home increase threefold. Don’t think of it as wasted money, but as a long-term investment that pays-off.

Update Your Home’s Decor

Sometimes updating your home’s decor can make a massive difference to the atmosphere of your house. A new design in your home can increase your morale and make you feel more comfortable in your home. A fireplace already creates a relaxing environment; a new better one will enhance that feeling.

Save Money In The Long Run

When you factor in the cost of maintaining an old fireplace, you can see that in the long run you could be losing a fair bit of money. It is like keeping an old used car; you spend money on it, but it doesn’t make a difference in terms of its efficiency. Upgrading means less wasted money in the long run and more savings for you.

Safety For Your Home

There is nothing wrong having an old fireplace in your home, especially if you take care of it and maintain it. But if you don’t, the chances are that you are risking your home’s safety with an old fireplace. An old gas fireplace can cause leakage of carbon monoxide, while an electric one can start a fire if not maintained. Upgrading to a new fireplace means less risk for your home and more security in the long run.

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