Add Ambience to Your Home with a Custom Fireplace

A custom fireplace can be a dramatic focal point for any room in your home. Not only is it one of the most popular design elements that draws attention to a room, but a home’s hearth can also be a gathering place for family and friends as it adds some soothing warmth on a cold or blustery day.

Custom Build a Gas Fireplaces for Your Home

You can have the type of Calgary gas fireplace in your living space that you’ve always dreamed about. These kinds of custom fireplaces provide the ambiance you desire without all of the mess and fuss that goes along with wood-burning units.

A Custom Fireplace Adds Instant Warmth

Enjoy instant heat with just the push of a button. The convenience of owning a gas custom fireplace means no more heading out in freezing weather to gather logs for burning. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy the warmth of your fire and adjust the flame to your climate needs.

Convenient, Realistic Fires

Some people love the glow of a real wood fire and feel they would be missing something with a gas unit. Our gas custom fireplaces feature realistic, roaring flames that come alive with vibrant color. The best part is that there is nothing to clean up when you decide it’s time to put the fire out for the day.

Design Your Own Custom Fireplace

The custom fireplace of your dreams can be designed to match your home décor and style. Fireplace designs are highly flexible and can be customized to meet your needs and desires.

Once you’ve decided on installing a gas fireplace in your home, you will be pleased to know that gas is an environmentally friendly heating option. A gas fireplace will efficiently warm your home as it adds ambiance and cheer to your surroundings.

Start planning your custom fireplace installation today.

TH Fireplaces is Alberta’s premier fireplace installation and service company in Calgary and Canmore area. We carry only the best high-quality fireplaces and fireplace inserts that can perform in the most demanding conditions.

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