Buying A Fireplace For Winter? Here Is Your Checklist Guide

A fireplace is a great way to warm up your home and bring everyone together. While it’s function is simple, there are many different kinds of fireplaces you can buy and install in your home. That’s why it helps to have a checklist so that you make the right purchase decision. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll want to look for:

Choose the Type of Fireplace

When looking for fireplaces in Calgary and Canmore, you’ll notice that there will be three main types to choose from. There’s the gas fireplace, wood/pellet fireplace, and electric fireplace. Each one has its own pros and cons. Here’s a helpful overview of each type of fireplace so that you can make the right decision:

Wood/pellet fireplace Pros:

– You get the aroma and ambiance of a real fireplace.

– Wood and pellet are quite affordable.

– It doesn’t require gas or electricity.


Ask about fireplace inserts

Wood/pellet fireplace Cons:

– There is a lot of maintenance involved.

– You need a chimney installed on your roof.

Gas Fireplace Pros:

– It burns clean fuel which is better for the environment.

– It is easy to use compared to wooden fireplaces.

– You don’t need a chimney and the cost is very affordable.

Gas Fireplace Cons:

– Gas leaks can be dangerous. You will need professional installation and inspection.

– It doesn’t have the same ambiance as burning wood.

Electric Fireplace Pros:

– Electric fireplaces have a unique design that makes it stand out from regular fireplaces.

– It does not require a chimney or a gas line to operate.

– It is far easier to install and offers more flexibility.

Electric Fireplace Cons:

– Electric fireplaces don’t provide quite the same experience as a traditional fireplace.

– You need to have running electricity which means that it isn’t helpful for outages.

The Style of the Fireplace

The next thing to look for is to choose a style that fits your home. You can choose between traditional, modern, and a mix of both. Ultimately, it really comes down to the existing interior design of your space as well as how you want everything to come together visually.

Make Sure You Get the Right Size

Another thing to consider when looking for fireplaces in Calgary or Canmore is to get one that fits your space. Take proper measurements of your fireplace area so that you can buy one that actually fits. Don’t make the mistake of eyeballing the measurements only to find out the fireplace insert will not fit.

Consider the Overall Cost

Wooden fireplaces can cost the most followed by gas and then electric. If you plan on using your fireplace often, you’ll want to consider the costs long term. The cost of wooden fireplaces do add up, so many go with pellets if they want a more economical yet authentic solution.

This checklist should have given you a good idea of how to choose a fireplace that’s right for you. Hopefully, it’ll help you find the perfect one for your home.

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