Tempest Torch™ Exclusively available at TH Fireplaces

Exclusively Available At TH Fireplaces

Built in Venturi Effect

The Tempest Torch’s innovation comes from its patent-pending torch technology that requires no mechanical or electrical means. Its no-power draft system simply utilizes the Venturi Effect for its unique flame appearance.

Maximum BTU Input: 50,000 (NG)

The 50K Tempest Lantern™ is a dramatic decorative outdoor gas lantern that break the barriers of standard gas torch design. Created as an outdoor lighting furnishing for a wide array of exterior settings and applications, the Tempest Lantern™ is designed to create the ultimate in lighting enhancement.

Only The Best

The 50K Tempest Torch™ is only available in Electronic Ignition and features the All-Weather 24V Hot Shot™ Electronic Ignition system. This model is set up for NG and comes with an LP conversion kit.

20K Tempest Torch™

Tempest Lantern™ Elevate your Outdoor Living

When it comes to design in outdoor lighting, exterior lighting should be one of the centrepieces of exterior design.

Do you desire an outdoor lighting option that will provide a distinct drama to your home or venue?

Tempest Lanterns can create an elevated first impression and give an inviting feel, drawing in friends and clients alike.

Visually striking, with a spectacular storm-like flame, the Tempest Lantern will create a singular atmosphere, unlike any other, for your commercial or residential space. The lanterns transform a plain exterior into one of fascination with the stunning glow of the spiral-like flame.

Wow, your guests clients and neighbours with a little piece of “lighting in a bottle” on your patio or entryway. The design possibilities are endless with the classic styling and unique flame of Tempest Lanterns. Available in short or tall post versions, wall mounted, or without a base to provide various options in your design.

Created to attract attention but with efficient and purposeful design, the Tempest Lantern can fulfill its role of lighting whatever outdoor area you have in mind. Unique to Tempest Lanterns is its tempered glass housing design. This feature protects the flame from going out in wind or rain, making it a year-round lighting solution.

Evoking an old-world feel with its lantern form but operating with modern, new world sensibilities, Tempest Lanterns feature:

– install up to 6 lanterns on a single transformer
– Automatic gas shut off for safety
– durable stainless steel frame and burner
– Max BTU input: 50,000

This is not your average gas lighting. This is next level. Take your exterior space all the way there with Tempest Lanterns.

Exclusively in Canada at TH Fireplaces.

50k Tempest Lantern

Tempest Lantern™ has a signature spiraling flame which can reach a height of 17 inches and provide up to 20,000 BTUs. The four-sided, 18-inch tall open-air tempered glass housing is designed to prevent the flame from going out during high winds or rainfall but includes an automatic gas safety shutoff valve, should the flame ever go out.

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