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Wood Fireplace Brands We Carry

Why You’ll Love Your New Wood Burning Fireplace Installation

Environmentally Friendly

As a renewable carbon-neutral resource, wood is great for the forward-thinking homeowner.

Cost Effective

Our modern wood fireplaces maximize heat output, and the costs of wood are low in Calgary and Red Deer.

Timeless Style

Whether you want to increase your property’s value or impress your neighbours, nothing says class like a classic hearth.

Maintenance Made Simple

Wood burning fireplaces are known for being easy to use and even easier to keep in working order.

The Wood Burning Fireplace Company For Your Project

When it comes to wood burning fireplaces there are two main categories: traditional open face and highly efficient. Between the two, there is a wide variety of sizes, styles, and heat outputs.

Traditional open face wood burning fireplace installations are not the most efficient heat generators but provide great ambiance to the home. With an open fireplace, you not only get the look of a real flame, but also the slight smoky scent and the sound of the crackling fire. Traditional-style wood burning fireplaces are also available in larger sizes than their high efficient counterparts.

The most highly efficient wood fireplaces are sealed, with a glass door on the front for viewing and loading wood. These fireplaces combine a great view of the flame, with the ability to produce very large amounts of heat at very low carbon emissions.

Most wood fireplaces carried by TH Fireplaces products will utilize air from outside the home to feed the fire which means less air from the room is being sent out the chimney in an open fireplace. It also helps to reduce the risk of creating a negative pressure system, which can cause smoke to spill back into the room. Many of our fireplaces are hybrid or have available catalytic combustors which lower the carbon emissions from the fireplace.

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Calgary’s Best Wood Burning Fireplace Company

We carry and install a broad selection of fireplaces from SUPERIOR FIREPLACES so you have the freedom to choose between styles and functions, without ever compromising quality. These appliances have proven themselves capable of flawless operation in harsh weather conditions, so they’re perfect for property owners in Calgary and Canmore. This manufacturer’s wide selection of features and innovative technologies help us deliver consistent warmth that’s backed by exemplary safety and quality.

TH Fireplaces Specialists Are Wood Burning Fireplace Experts

High Quality Fireplaces

Every fireplace we stock is carefully chosen from the most reliable and well-known brands.

Repairs & Maintenance

Your fireplace is more than an attractive centrepiece - it needs to work! We work to keep yours functional and efficient.

Competitive Pricing

We believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to have the fireplace of your dreams. That’s why we offer the best quality products at affordable prices.

Huge Selection

One fireplace does not fit all homes! We want you to find the perfect fireplace top suit your unique needs and personal sense of style.

Transform Your House Into Your Dream Home With A Wood Burning Fireplace

Our expertise is as legendary as our work ethic. You can always count on TH Fireplaces specialists to ensure that your wood fireplace installation is a good match for your aesthetic preferences as well as your future property plans. From traditional to contemporary styles, we help you understand options like heat output, safety and interior design so that your fireplace fits your lifestyle.

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