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Hearthstone - Barbecue Pit Grill

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Hearthstone - Barbecue Pit Grill


Wood fire cooking

The barbecue fire pit is made for cooking with friends while socializing around the fire. The flavor and aroma of wood fire cooking can’t be beat.

Easy to use and clean

Arrange the fire and coals to control the temperature of your grills. Once you’re finished cooking, the enameled cooking rings clean up easily.

Quality construction

Our fire pits are built to last a for years. The fire pit and cooking rings are constructed from solid cast iron parts, and the base is made from heavy powder coated steel with stainless steel rails for tools and utensils.

Built to Last a Lifetime

Our fire pits are built to last a lifetime. They are constructed from heavy iron parts cast in our Spanish foundry. Each pit is then assembled and finished in Vermont with a durable high-temperature coating formulated for outdoor products.

Optional Cast iron grill quarters

  • Heavy iron grills with excellent heat retention, good for searing meats to seal in flavor
  • Finished with durable food-grade enamel
  • Sold in sets of 2

Optional Cast iron griddle quarters

  • The flat cast iron surface provides the versatility of a cast iron frying pan plus that wood-fired flavor
  • Finished with durable food-grade enamel
  • Sold in sets of 2

Optional Soapstone grill stones

  • Solid pieces of soapstone with superior heat retention fit perfectly on top of a grill quarter
  • Cook meats and veggies evenly without flare-ups
  • Sold in sets of 2. Two grill stones will cover one grill quarter.

Optional Fire pit cover

The optional stainless steel cover will keep the weather out in any season.

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